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Desert Bloom Women's Group

The gatherings are in-person and designed to bring support, education, and inspiration to your life. This group meets monthly and offers conversations about meaningful life topics that empower your physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. These gatherings are uplifting and give women a safe place to connect, share their stories, and explore self-care and personal development. Desert Bloom is not only supportive, but it offers new opportunities for you to get involved in your community.

If you live near Anthem, consider joining my women’s health and wellness group. It’s called, “Desert Bloom.” 

You don't have to do it alone.

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"Krista's Desert Bloom workshops offer love, empowerment and connection. 

From Paula Obeid
CEO The Lighthouse Foundation
Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

...Her facilitation fosters a space where timely topics are explored with compassion, and every attendee feels seen and valued. The energy in these gatherings are transformative, making Desert Bloom not just a workshop series but a movement for positive change."