Krista has always been fascinated by the human condition.

In college she studied Psychology, child development, sociology, and codependency. She was curious how emotional habits influence a person’s relationships, well-being, and happiness. Following college, Krista became a practitioner for the Rosen Method. She learned to facilitate healing through bodywork. She also learned how to observe changes in the breath. This seemed to confirm what she was feeling in her own body… unexpressed emotions can cause stress, physical tension, and anxiety. 

Story & Mission

She continued to explore different modalities to heal her body from physical and emotional pain. The work proved to be life changing. She became conscious of her own energy and she felt more invested in humanity. She took another leap of faith and became a certified practitioner in mind-body medicine and spiritual studies. This would open the door to teaching.

Krista has made it her mission to educate and inspire others on their wellness journey. She would like to normalize conversations around healing and spirituality so that people have the tools to support themselves and deal with adversity more gracefully.  

Today she is able to share her knowledge through writing, speaking engagements, workshops, and online classes. She finds it rewarding to help others step into their power, authenticity, and resilience.

She resides in Anthem, Arizona where she enjoys the peacefulness of the desert. She loves taking daily walks with her husband, Paul and her dog, Nala. Her greatest pride is being the mother of two kind-hearted sons, Frank and Vince. Both are following their calling to be in service to others. Vince is in the United States Navy and Frank provides service to families as a financial educator and real estate agent. Krista considers her life a great love story because she gets to do all the things she loves, writing, charity, gardening, spending time with friends, facilitating workshops, and having Sunday dinners with her family. 

When Krista is not writing, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. 

Friends and Family

Krista Gawronski is a brave soul with a service heart.


Growing up in a large family prepared her for a life of leadership. She led a kindness movement in her town of Petaluma and founded the nonprofit, “The Fabulous Women of Sonoma County.” This organization supports meaningful causes through fundraising and education and helps families with extraordinary hardships. Once she moved to Arizona, she became a proud Rotarian.

This allows her to champion local and international causes. She believes that people are born with a calling, and her greatest gift is to spread the message of HOPE, HEALING, LOVE, and GRACE.

These gifts are beautifully intertwined in our stories, struggles, faith, and tales of perseverance.

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